Ideas for Reusing Old Wine Bottles

Now here’s a pretty way to upcycle old wine bottles. Coat the outside of the bottle with some snazzy paint and you’ve got yourself a custom vase. How cute is this grouping? Use outdoor-grade paint and you could string the bottles from the branches of a tree!

  • Supplies
  • Leftover paint
  • Painters tape
  • Brushes
  • Well-ventilated area

Big thanks to my talented friend Lindsay Agnew for this awesome DIY transformation.

Paint the outside of empty wine bottles and give them new life as a vase
Upcycle Old Wine Bottles from Pretty Frugal Living
Fill with wildflowers and display in an outdoor area

Some Other Ideas

Here are some other ideas for your old wine bottles:

Old wine bottle ideas
  • Use it as a centerpiece at your wedding banquet
  • Cut the upper half and use it as a flower pot
  • Turn it into a mini Christmas tree!
  • Cut the top half and use it as an elegant pencil and stationary holder in your budget home office.