The Ultimate $100 Gift Kit

VIDEO: This is the Ultimate $100 Gift Kit for students entering university or college. But there’s a caveat! I assembled this kit for my niece – her name is Simirthi – with the full knowledge that her parents are going to set her up with ALL the essentials. That’s what made this a challenge. What are some must-have items that her parents wouldn’t think to buy when they send her away to school? Hmm.

After much thought and research this gift kit came together. The true test was giving it to my niece and having her grade me on each inclusion. She loved everything but responded in true teenager fashion. Aloof. No matter, it was amazing to spend time with her and we had fun taping a video together. I can’t believe she’s about to enter into college or university. Time flies!



  • Clothes steamer
  • Dish set with cutlery
  • Cleaning kit: rubbing alcohol and essential oils
  • Laundry backpack
  • Zip ties
  • Cutting board and “safe” knife with holder
  • Stapler!
  • Duct tape (this mention ended up on the edit floor, but it’s definitely a must have!)

And yes, you can buy everything here for under $100. Hope this comes in handy for anyone who needs to buy a student something useful for their dorm room. Happy schooling.

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