Food Storage Tips That Work

VIDEO: Trust me, these food storage tips work amazingly well! Watch the 4-minute video to see techniques for carrots, celery, cilantro, avocado, bananas and packaged salad. One easy way to stretch grocery store dollars is to dedicate time to storing items well AFTER your shop. Make this a priority! It becomes second nature the more often you do it. So go ahead — turn up the music when you get home and give yourself time to put these food storage tips to work. Your wallet will thank you 馃檪



My best food storage tips for fruits and vegetables. As seen in the video!


For carrots and celery, use a burrito technique! Trim the end of your celery bunch, and remove green tops from carrots. Dampen some paper towel and use it to wrap each bundle. Wrap the bundles again with sheets of tinfoil. This creates the perfect balance of moisture and moisture barrier. Store these bundles inside your fridge in the crisper and enjoy crispy sticks and stalks for weeks. Really!


The world鈥檚 most controversial herb! If you love it like me, treat it like a floral bouquet. Fill a jar with a bit of water. Trim the ends and roots from the cilantro and place the bunch into the jar. Put the jar inside a leftover plastic produce bag, and tie it loosely. Store your cilantro bouquet in your fridge and use as needed for weeks!


The best method for avocados is the mash and flat technique. Have fun mashing ripe avocados to a chunky consistency. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and mix. Transfer this mash to a good quality freezer bag. Flatten the mash and remove as much air as possible from the bag. Seal it well! Keep your avocado pack flat in your fridge or freezer! It鈥檚 perfect for guac or smoothies when you need it!


Can we all agree that bananas are one of the most versatile fruits?! When your bananas hit the ripeness level you like, separate them from the bunch. Then store them individually, spread throughout the inside of your fridge. Separating them slows the transfer of gas and stalls the ripening process – the cold helps with this too.


Come on, admit it…you buy packaged salads for convenience sake, right? Line a storage container with a paper towel. Transfer the salad to the container and cover with more paper towel before sealing. This simple technique keeps the slime at bay for days by minimizing moisture!


NOTE: I partnered with No Frills for this post. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. Big thanks to my video sidekicks: Harbinder Singh聽andLindsay Agnew.


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