Q&A with Steven Sabados

Sat down with the ever gracious Steven Sabados for a Q&A around his S&C Collection. He’s been through a lot over the course of a year…tragic events that I don’t need to recap here. So it was really nice to see him, receive an epic hug, and hear him talk about things he’s passionate about.

It’s not easy to bridge the gap between frugal/minimalist living and home decor/design. But I’m a firm believer in the idea that investing in “home” is never a waste of money. Just be sure to do it wisely.

Steven and his team set up a beautiful product display inside the BMW dealership in Toronto. Calling it a product display doesn’t do the setup justice. Lindsay Agnew worked with Steven to build vignettes, moments, and product installations that were works of art. Pretty all around.


Q: Which vignette here is most inspired by Chris?

STEVEN Hands down the whole navy scene. If Chris could have lived in navy he would have. The throw cushions are a bit bold for his taste but everything else in that vignette is him. Shiny accents mixed with cozy and soft furniture. He would have hated some of the other installations here today…well, not hated…but he would have pestered us during set up wondering why we were including a motorcycle, or why we were building a mountain out of sofa frames. We always had competing visions but somehow found a way to turn them complimentary. (Laughing) I miss that.


Q: What would you say is the number one “buy it once” item for a home? Something you should invest in ONCE and use for a lifetime?

STEVEN I think an area rug is the right answer. You can choose one that makes a bold statement or something more transitional that will move with you from home to home. I’ve had some area rugs for decades and the more they get worn the better. My favourite in our collection right now is the bright silk sari rug. I love the colour and I especially love the story behind how they are made with recycled saris. Gorgeous! Be sure to buy quality with an area rug though…we have a reasonably priced wool and viscose blend that looks like silk and it’s amazing. And if you prefer transitional over bold stick to shades like cream, taupe, and soft reds.



Q: What item in the collection is the most expensive for you to manufacture?

STEVEN Hmm. Good question. It’s got to be our lighting. The price point for customers is reasonable but it can take more than half a year to produce one style of light. My partners travel to China and India for inspiration and then the design has to be tweaked and tweaked going back and forth overseas. Not a lot of our collection is made overseas but the lighting is because it helps keep the retail price low. You can tell the quality of lighting by its weight and the materials used. I’m not a fan of trend-driven lighting. I prefer to keep designs timeless so you can find ways to incorporate the same lighting in different rooms and homes over the course of many years. It was really fun to put our lighting display together in this showroom! Did you notice the pigeons crashing the party?


Q: If you had to pick your best value item in the S&C Collection, which item would you pick?

STEVEN Our sofas. The frames are guaranteed for life and made from hardwood right here in Canada. They are built to last from the springs to the foam to the fabric options. Investing in a good quality sofa is a great value for money. If leather upholstery works for your lifestyle it’s my number one recommendation. I love a baseball mitt leather and it’s durable for families with kids, for families with pets…and just like area rugs, the more beat up it gets the better it looks. Otherwise, it’s important to note that microfibre has come a long way over the years. Not too many people are putting pure velvet sofas in their homes but now you can get microfibre fabric that looks and feels just like velvet for a fraction of the cost. Chris loved his microfibre.



Q: Which installation here is most you?

STEVEN I would have to say the motorcycle with wing chairs. The bright colours, with the sari rug and coordinating motorbike is totally me! There’s also a corner in the front vignette that is all me too. The easel with painting supplies, a skull close by (haha!), with accents that remind me of my travels…I feel very at home in all of that.


You can visit Steven’s website to find retailers selling S&C products. An online store will be launched soon too! In the meantime, enjoy more pics from the event.





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