Save on Groceries

As seen on Canada AM: Some easy tips and tricks to save on groceries. Stretching grocery dollars is always a good practice, but it’s even more important now with the rising costs of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy this roundup.


Create a simplified meal plan — let sales and the price of fruits and veg guide your planning. Start small by listing two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners you will make during the week.

Take inventory of groceries you already have at home. Look at your menu plan and check your cupboards to avoid buying duplicate ingredients.

Plan your shopping trip based on sales and/or rely on online flyer apps like FLIPP. This app is great because you punch in your postal code and find sales and flyers in your vicinity.

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If possible, go grocery shopping alone and listen to your own upbeat music. Studies have shown that grocery stores play music that encourages meandering. Treat grocery shopping like a time-sensitive task to stay on budget.

Before you get to store, send yourself a text message (safely!) reminding you to bring in reusable shopping bags from your trunk. Don’t check the message until you park at the store!

Check unit pricing to find the best value. Unit pricing is a system that takes the cost of an item and divides it against a standard unit of measurement. Is it better to be a six pack or a twelve pack? Check the unit pricing for your answer.

Rely on money-saving apps like ZWEET. No need to clip coupons, if you’re open to trying new brands you can shop based on deals found on Zweet and collect savings in a Zweet account that can be used for future shopping.


Schedule time to prep and store your groceries properly.

Educate yourself on how to best preserve groceries through freezing or proper storage techniques in the fridge.

Invest in items that will keep your food fresher for longer. These items are definitely worth the splurge! If the cost of the vacuum sealer is hard to swallow, think about splitting the cost with neighbours and sharing the item when needed.

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