As seen on Canada AM: Gifts that save are a great idea for the holiday season! They may not be super glamorous but they are thoughtful gifts that will keep more money in the wallets of the receivers. Here’s the thing, if you were to buy these items for yourself you may not feel the savings for a while because you have to pay off the cost of purchase.

But if you buy these items as gifts, the receiver will start saving money right away because you are absorbing the ‘start up’ costs on their behalf.


Who doesn’t know a woman who will appreciate the gift of quality skin care products?

It’s a luxury item that women will rarely buy for themselves. Good quality sunscreen is the number one way to prevent photoaging! If you can successfully prevent photoaging you will also prevent wrinkles and sun spots.

A daily application of quality sunscreen may delay or eliminate the need for expensive cosmetic treatments down the road and keep you looking youthful in the process!

Recommended: La Roche-Posay and Skinceuticals Why? La Roche-Posay is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand in Canada. Both brands are backed by science and with higher potency formulas they are concentrated and proven to absorb optimally into skin.


Quality-made clothing with the best materials. Case in point…socks!

Give the gift of good quality socks and the receiver will have to replace pairs less often, and they will get years of use out of a comfortable and well-made product.

Recommended: Darn Tough Socks. Why? Seamless, made with merino wool and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee! “If you can wear these socks out, we’ll replace them. Free of charge.”


The gift of rechargeable batteries. A lot of households rely on multiple batteries for every day gadgets and toys.

Buying replacement batteries can add up quickly over the course of months. Giving someone a quality battery charger and rechargeable batteries will help them save on these costs over the course of a year and years!

Recommended: Panasonic Eneloop Power Pack. Why? Batteries come charged for immediate use. The kit includes a 4-position charger, 8 AA eneloop batteries, 2 AAA eneloop batteries, 2 C spacers packs and 2 D spacers packs.


Luxury low-flow shower head. Energy efficient shower heads have come a long way and if you have a family on your list, this gift could help them save up to $100 a year. Not to mention, the receiver gets to enjoy a luxurious shower guilt free!

Recommended: Oxygenics Fixed Shower Head with PowerSelect. Why? Made in Canada with seven pressurized spray settings, lifetime guarantee and easy installation. “Guaranteed for life to never clog. Ever!”

BONUS: Enjoy a 15% discount when ordering off the Oxygenics website. To redeem, type in “Amrita” in the coupon box.


If you can afford to splurge on one gift for a special someone…this is it. Any traveler would love to receive a world class carry-on with an unconditional lifetime performance guarantee. Buy quality and you will ensure the receiver never has to spend on a carry-on again.

Recommended: Briggs & Riley Baseline CX Spinner. Why? Elegant and one of a kind this piece of luggage combines two of the most sought after-innovations, compression technology and four-wheel spinner ease. “While packing, expand the bag to its fullest size and load up. When done, gently push down and the bag compresses to original size.”


Frugalista Starter Kit. Assemble a bunch of useful items into a toolbox and gift it to anyone that wants to start practicing frugal living every day. The right combination of items will make homemade solutions and DIYs a snap. Recommendation: Frugalista Starter Kit.

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