All-Natural Car Cleaner

Video: This all-natural interior car cleaner is fun to make and costs cents too. We don’t often get to use baby oil in frugal things so it nice to see its application in this recipe. If you’re fussy about your car interior you probably should stick to store bought solutions. But if you like the idea of making a spray cleaner (that works!) this is a great thing to try. The full story and recipe is just a click away.



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  • Reply February 6, 2017

    Andy Wis

    Saw you on Marilyn today. I’m impressed. You did the bathroom cleaning starter kit and the all-purpose cleaning rags. I just looked at the car cleaning kit video on your site. Do you use the car cleaner to wipe areas of the car or do you just spritz the air?

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    Therese Bourque

    So far im impresed with your fantastic ideas and hope to use some of them starting very soon…., keep up your unique work

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    Julia sharpe

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    Linda Howarth

    love homemade recipes could you e=mail me the ones I saw on Canada am this morning or more if you can. Thank you very much

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    mona amo

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