DIY Shopping Bag

With farmers’ market season upon us this DIY no-sew shopping bag is a great upcycle project. These bags work incredibly well for carrying farm-fresh produce or anything else for that matter. Graphic tees are super fun to use because the embellishment is already built in. The steps are easy and even if you screw up, it costs pennies to try again. Kudos to Mommy Potamus for sharing this technique. Three cheers for no sewing!



Find an old cotton t-shirt and ignore the fat cat.



Cut off the sleeves and neck from the t-shirt. You’re creating the bag handles.

Pro Tip: The handles will stretch so cut close to the natural seams and keep the handles thick and shallow.



Cut 1″ slits along the bottom of the shirt to create fringe.

Pro Tip: Turn your t-shirt inside out before or after you cut the fringe.



Now for the tricky part that makes this DIY a no-sew project. Knot tying!

Pro Tip: Finger dexterity is key to success here. Take time to match up the right things before you tie.



Section 1 is leftover from the tying that happened before it.

Here’s what to do:

Double knot matching fringe pieces 2 and 3.

Double knot matching fringe pieces 4 and 5.

Take strand 2 and double knot it with strand 1.

Take strand 3 and double knot it with strand 4 or 5.

This leaves one strand extra for the next batch of knotting.


This knotting process seals up gaps and holes to create a sturdy bottom to the bag.


Turn your bag right side out and start using.

Pro Tip: In the safety of your home, put some heavy stuff in the bag to assure yourself this process has worked.



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  • Reply August 27, 2015

    Judi Carol

    Hi Amrita…Whenever I see you presentation always impressed. I’m a great fan of upcycling.
    There are reusable, stackable, microwave containers that would work for the oatmeal. But I have discovered that pouring boiling water over quick oats…that by the time it cool enough to eat it is cooked. Less energy use and watching required.

    Back to upcycling I like to multipurpose coffee tins for gifts, storing decorations and sewing notions and more. The chalk labels or paint work well on these. I hope to repurpose clementine boxes I have saved.

    Regards, Jude

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