Packing & Hotel Hacks

VIDEO: Pretty Frugal Living is about to take a trip of a lifetime to India, so there’s no better time to share these packing and hotel hacks and tips! This roundup of easy (and fun!) ideas is thanks to many different posts found on the interwebs. I’ve put these tips to use many times so you can be sure they work well. Bon Voyage!

Need to wake up to your own alarm?

Drop your phone into a wine glass, or ceramic bowl, to amplify its sound. The sound will reflect and bounce off the hard surface to make it seem louder. Added benefit? It’s a hassle to pull your phone out of the glass to hit snooze — this may ensure you get up and out of bed on time! This trick also works if you’re desperate to get a cell signal inside your room.


Stuck with soggy and wet socks?

Put the sock cuff over top the hair dryer and blow hot air into the entire sock to get it dry. This is a no brainer! The warm or hot air from the hair dryer fills the entire inside of your sock and gets it to dry quickly. This is also a nice tip if you want to slip your feet into warm socks in a cold hotel room.


Forgot your shaving cream?

Slather a layer of hotel-provided lotion onto your face or legs and shave as usual. Lotion is easy to apply, it usually smells nice and it moisturizes skin. All of these properties make it a great substitute for shaving cream. Just be sure to dissolve the residue on your razor with hot water. Hair conditioner will work in pinch too!


Stinky jeans?

Place them into a plastic laundry bag and/or Ziploc and put them into the freezer overnight. This process (of course!) is not going to clean your jeans. But there are claims that the cold kills SOME living organisms. And the freezer will make your jeans feel crisp and smell fresher. What do you have to lose?


Dull skin?

Lather soap and water in hands, then sprinkle packet of hotel-provided sugar into palm. Let the sugar dissolve slightly and then rub the mixture all over your face. Sugar can be a gentle exfoliator and it’s moisturizing as well. This is a great way to give your skin a spa like treatment in the comfort of your hotel room after a plane ride.


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  • Reply August 12, 2015


    I never leave the house without lip balm and tissues! I can’t stand having dry lips and the tissues are for when my allergies play up which they always do

  • Reply May 18, 2015

    mary hickey

    Missed your recipe for spritzing the car AC in the spring. Could you reply with the recipe. Thanks

  • Reply March 14, 2015

    Carol Bream

    I never leave home without a couple of skirt hangers, a couple of regular plasticized/coated hangers and a couple of hooks with clips. These are all very useful if you have to wash something! Thanks for your tips.

  • Reply March 9, 2015


    my must travel, when kids were small i had a travel bags(i gave each child their own laptop bag they could carry) of goodies they could entertain themselves with on the plane/car,i had travel bingo cards,stickers and coloring book and never packed crayons or felts they can get hot and melt and make a mess so it was always pencil crayons and mom had the sharpener, the kids were never allowed to have the bags unless we were travelling so they were always excited to find out what was in the bag….even as they got older

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