Holiday Hosting

Here’s a list of some frugal tips and tricks to help you host a fabulous holiday party! Please feel free to add your own tips by using the comments below! These ideas are definitely worth a try and will add a festive ambiance to your soiree. As seen on Canada AM!


If you try nothing else, try this! You can fill your whole space with the warm smell of Christmas spices. It’s so easy. Drop everything into a pot of water and let the water simmer on your stove. Just make sure to check back so it doesn’t boil dry!

8-10 cups water
1 orange, sliced
1/2 lemon, sliced
Handful of cranberries
Handful of star anise
Handful of cloves
2-4 cinnamon sticks



I love how convenient this is and it makes post-party clean up a cinch too. Don’t buy special runners for the holiday season. Use a strip of gift wrap instead. This is a great way to dress up your table and give your buffet table a festive feel!



If you don’t want to buy wine charms, reach for Sharpie markers instead! Encourage your guests to customize their glasses with the markers. And don’t worry, a little soap and water will wash the marker off. You can also remove the marker with some rubbing alcohol. Check out another Sharpie gift idea here.



Photo booth props are still a fun way to add some frugal entertainment to parties. As soon as guests see the props the picture taking will start. Why not take it a step further and give your event a special hashtag to create some buzz on social media all night? You can make your own props, or go to Etsy and find sellers who have done the work for you!



Leave a lasting impression by giving your guests a small gift on their way out. Don’t break the bank on this…you can make a super simple and sweet gift with season candies and glass jars from around the house.


There are so many free music streaming sites. I still like Songza the best for their cleverly curated play lists. Merry Indie Christmas and Cozy Christmas Classics are my go-tos this holiday season!

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