Easy Bathroom Hacks

If you’re still on the fence about frugal living, why not try out some of these easy and simple hacks for inside the bathroom? If these don’t convince you that frugal living can be fun, nothing will! The bathroom is a great place to find savings.


Buy a foaming hand wash bottle from the dollar store or drug store. Once you’ve finished the product, hold onto the bottle and pump! Refill the bottle with 2 Tbsp of regular liquid soap, and top with water. Give this a gentle shake and you’re done! The original pump will infuse air into the diluted soap and it will transform into foam. So simple.


My favourite bathroom cleaner requires two common household ingredients: baking soda and antibacterial dish soap. Combine these two and make a paste that will bring a serious shine to you sinks and tub. Works beautifully and costs next to nothing to make!


Stop your can of shaving cream, or hair spray, from leaving a rusty ring on your counter or shower ledge. Turn the can upside down and layer two or three coats of nail polish onto the metal bottom. Let the polish dry and then return your can upright and use as per usual. The polish keeps the rust at bay which means you won’t have to scrub off nasty rings when you use the sink and tub cleaner featured above!



Have you seen the commercial for PooPourri? If not, look it up on YouTube — it’s funny! The product is an aromatic spray that you spritz into the toilet bowl before you take a poo. It’s supposed to keep the smells at bay. But, you can save yourself the embarrassment of buying a can in public and make your own version at home.
  • Small spray bottle
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 Tbsp rubbing alcohol
  • Juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil
Mix everything up and pour it into your spray bottle. Label the bottle and keep it near your toilet. Before your poo, spritz the inside of the toilet bowl a couple times. How fortunate are we to live in a place where this kind of luxury makes it onto a must-do list?



This common sense tip landed my hands on a BuzzFeed list (scroll to #26)! I read about this tip years ago and remember thinking it was stupid. Then I tried it a few times and now it has become a habit. A habit that guest may find peculiar and slightly irritating. Ha. It’s free to try so why not? Squish your toilet paper rolls before putting them out for use on a holder. This will stop the paper from rolling too easily and will encourage kids to use just enough. It also stops pets from unraveling a whole roll during playtime. Told you it was common sense!


As seen on CANADA AM (October 2014) CLICK FOR VIDEO

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