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Dear Fellow Frugalista,

Have you subscribed to the Pretty Frugal Living YouTube Channel? If not, what are you waiting for? I love producing pretty videos for you and it’s always fun to see my subscriber base grow through your support.

I’m really enjoying YouTube as a platform. It’s amazing to interact with Frugalista-wannabes from all over the world through video comments! The more views I can drum up, the easier it will be to continue to produce great quality videos. As you may already know, my day job is that of a video producer so it’s fun to work with my small team and make contemporary lifestyle videos to help you save money.


Oh, and guess what? Pretty Frugal Living was recently named by U.S. News as one of the top MUST-WATCH YOUTUBE CHANNELS for Making & Saving Money. Such an honor to be on a list with these other tubers who share great money-saving ideas. Hurrah! Get in on the video party! Please? Thanks.


Your Forever Frugalista

(aka Amrita Singh)

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