Decorating on a Dime

VIDEO: Back by popular demand, it’s decorating on a dime! This time it’s all about adding oomph to your balcony and outdoor living space. As per usual, I grabbed my talented friend Lindsay Agnew, and we hit the HOME DEPOT in search of supplies and products for this mini-makeover. My condo balcony is not the most inspiring space. It’s small, it’s concrete, and it’s dreary. But boy-oh-boy has that all changed now….

Make Your Own Footstools

Transform a regular PLANT STAND into a super cute stool for your footsies! The hardest part of this DIY is finding a shop that specializes in foam. Once you find that shop, give them the inside measurement of your plant stand, and don’t forget to measure the inside height as well (+ 1″). Cover your perfect circle of foam with pretty outdoor fabric. I even used a dollar store vinyl tablecloth for one stool! Can you tell which one? Wrap the piece of foam with your fabric or tablecloth and then staple it in place on the underside. For extra structure you can cut a piece of cardboard or foam core to the size of the circle and staple your wrapped fabric into that. Cost = $20/stool


Make Your Own Wall Art Feature

Lindsay and I got a little giddy when we saw the variety of TRELLIS available at the HOME DEPOT. What a great way to add interest to a boring wall! A quick wash of white paint gave the trellis an immediate shabby chic vibe. Use s-hooks to hang items of interest off the trellis. In my case, we went for steel buckets filled with herbs, knick knacks from the thrift shop (did you spot the cute owl?), and vintage frames because they fit the shabby chic theme. We attached the trellis directly to the concrete wall with super-duper VELCRO. Bonus: White wash a standard PLANTER BOX in the same fashion. Top it off with a piece of custom cut plywood (also painted) and you’ve instantly created a storage space that doubles as an extra seat and/or tabletop surface. Cost = $100


 Paint Plastic Planters

This DIY is the most simple. Find PLASTIC PLANTERS and spray paint them with RUST-OLEUM SPRAY PAINT. I stuck with white to add pops of brightness to my balcony, but you can use any colour that works for your space. To ensure happy plants, drill a few drainage holes into the bottom of the planter before filling them with soil. Cost = $10/planter



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