Easy Makeup Brush Holder

VIDEO: This DIY makeup brush holder is not only cute, it’s practical too because of the time it will help you save during your morning routine. It couldn’t be any easier to assemble so don’t delay! I’m always hunting around in my overstuffed makeup bag to find the brush that I need for the job at hand. Now, I put all my brushes into this cute holder and keep it within arms reach on my bathroom counter.

NOTE: The candle holder you see featured was actually a flaming orange colour (dollar store find!) but after a couple of coats of paint it simmered down and looks much more contemporary.

Also, one of my amazing friends watched this video and got in touch to share an additional tip. She uses this same technique but has filled an oversize mug with brown rice! This sits on her kitchen counter and she fills it with special utensils like pretty cheese knives and demitasse spoons. This makes them extra easy to find when she’s in the mood to elevate a party platter or breakfast tray.




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  • Reply February 22, 2015


    I made this, but used coffee beans instead. Works just the same, but adds a bit of subtle fragrance. I love it!

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