Nail Polish Remover Jar

There’s a popular DIY appearing on lots of Pinterest boards and it’s for a nail polish remover jar. When I saw the original post I was a bit confused. Why would anyone want to make their own jar when you can buy one for $5? After a bit of research I realized it’s not as easy to find the jars as it used to be. Some higher-end brands are selling their version for more than $10! So, I decided to test the pin (with a couple alterations) to see if it works, and if it’s frugal. Verdict? Scroll through to find out.



1 small glass jar with tight fitting lid

1 scruffy sponge

1 soft squishy sponge

1/3 cup nail polish remover



1. Cut up sponges into 1″ squares.

2. Place the scruffy sponge squares as a bottom layer in the glass jar.

3. Add the squishy sponge squares. Shove in as many pieces as possible to fill gaps.

4. Pour nail polish remover into the jar.

5. Stick a polished nail into the centre of the jar and swoosh it around.

NailPolish3            NailPolish5


Do it! But, don’t expect to be wow’ed beyond belief. This is an easy DIY project and it cost me $2 to assemble. Removing polish this way is a lot more fun than with cotton balls. However, you will need to top up with nail polish remover every other week. If you wear dark colours, you may need to replace your sponges every month or so. The best tip I can share is to make sure you use a super squishy sponge for your top layer and NOT the green kind you see in my pics. Go with the cheap dish/car sponges you can find at a dollar store because they form around your fingertip the best.





  • Reply November 16, 2014

    Anna M. Selvaggi

    Wonderful ideas DIY is where it is act for me forever! I am all for saving money especially now being on Disability Assistance. We all need to stop and revalue how and where we are spending money. Keep those DIY ideas coming! GOOD WORK!

  • Reply October 20, 2014

    Sara Pauls

    Love your site

    • Reply October 20, 2014


      Thank you very much 🙂

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