Foot Soak Recipe

This foot soak recipe is perfect for nights when you need to unwind and pamper your hard-working soles. It’s simple to make and will instantly uplift your spirit, and turn your space into a spa retreat. All the supplies are easy to find—go ahead, treat yourself!


Large bowl or small basin (make sure your feet fit into it!)

1.5 litres warm water

1/3 cup epsom salt

5 mint leaves

3 drops tea tree essential oil


Mix everything into your bowl/basin. It’s always a good idea to discipline your mint first. I learned about this term/technique from a mixologist! It’s easy to do…just put a mint leaf in your palm and then slap your other palm on top of it! This helps to release the aroma and essence but keeps the leaf in tact. Cool, right? Once your foot soak is assembled, all that is left to do is enjoy.


  • Pumice your heels beforehand when they are dry, and then again after your soak!
  • Epsom salt relieves achy body parts and combats odors so keep your footsies submerged for at least 10 minutes
  • Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and will help freshen your soles and toes
  • Epsom salt is readily available at bulk stores and dollar stores





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