DIY Holiday Potpourri

If you love the scents of Christmas, this DIY Holiday Potpourri is for you. I like to make a big batch of potpourri in December and gift it to friends and family! So simple, so pretty. The special thing here is the addition of LED battery-operated lights. You can find cool dot-lights and tiny globe-lights that come on thin and flexible cording. They work perfectly for projects like this. I found everything, aside from the spices, at Canadian Tire.



Glass cookie jar

Cinnamon scented pine cones

Small white-tipped pine cones


Star Anise

Cinnamon Sticks

Cardamom  (What? I’m Indian—everything smells sweeter with cardamom!)


Noma LED Dot Lights (up to four packages)


1. Wrap your dot lights around some larger pine cones

2. Secure the battery packs together with an elastic band

3. Place the lit pine cones into your canister

4. Slip the battery packs to one edge of the canister—keep easy access to the power switches

5. Fill up with all other delicious smelling things

6. Add some embellishments and fill any gaps with small Christmas ornaments




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  • Reply December 23, 2015


    I love your website!!

    Can you do a segment on how to reuse or decorate with those Bath & Bodyworks Jar candles Jars?

    I use my empty jars for Q-Tips holder or as an everyday makeup holder.

    Thanks! Amanda

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