DIY Gift Under $10

This simple DIY gift costs less than $10 and it makes me smile! Look at it! I love the idea of making these in bulk before holiday season is in full gear. Pull them out on an as needed basis for every hostess with the mostest.

You can find the Sharpie-on-Mug trend all over Pinterest. After reading up on the pros and cons I’ve come to one conclusion. This idea is definitely worth a try but your efforts will be better served on something other than a mug. The reason being, you have to wash a mug daily and your Sharpie design will likely rub away quickly. But if you apply this technique to something like a canister it will last way longer…because who washes their canisters daily?



Ceramic canister (ideally heat-proof)

Sharpie markers (use oil-base if you really want things to be permanent)

Sticker letters as stencils



*Psst. Head to Canadian Tire for everything! Who doesn’t love a one stop shop?


1. Wash your canister and let it dry completely

2. Decide on the design you want to draw onto your canister

3. Use Sharpie markers to draw a design (two coats might be best!)

4. Put the ceramic into your oven, and then turn your oven to 250 degrees

5. Let your ceramic “cook” in the oven for at least 60-minutes after it reaches 250 degrees

6. Shut the oven off but leave the ceramic to cool gradually inside the oven

7. Remove the cooled ceramic, fill with candy, top with fun ornaments and a gift card!



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