Beauty Uses for Glycerin

There are endless uses for glycerin which make it a great investment for Frugalistas. Often used in cake decorating it’s a versatile product outside the food world too. You can find glycerin in a couple of places: bulk stores and drug stores. Buy pure, vegetable and food-grade quality. A small bottle will last a long time because it dissolves incredibly well in alcohol and water so a little dab goes a long way.


In the kitchen, glycerin is commonly used to make fondant icing. In life, you can use glycerin to make soap and many other moisturizing things. Click HERE for more fun facts.


1 Tbsp glycerin + 300 ml regular nail polish remover

Yes, it’s that simple. Add a dash of glycerin to your nail polish remover bottle. Shake well and you’ve created a moisturizing solution.


1 Tbsp glycerin + 5 Tbsp water + 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil

Pour everything into a small spray bottle. Shake well and spritz away! This works great to set your makeup. It’s also a nice moisturizing hair spray for humid days when you need to tame flyaway hair.


Dollop of glycerin + wet hands

After you’ve washed your face, wet your hands and add a dime-size dollop of glycerin to your fingertips. Rub hands together and then apply diluted glycerin around your eyes. This works beautifully to deeply moisturize the area around your eyes.





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