Reuse Your Tea Bags

If you love drinking tea it’s a given you have access to used tea bags. Don’t throw them away—put them to good use! There are so many interesting ideas out there but here are three I’ve tested and love.

  1. Freeze your used tea bags. Pull out frozen bags on days when your eyes are puffy (or you have a skin irritation) and let the healing power of tea soothe it all away.
  2. Put used tea bags into a pitcher of water. Watering your plants (especially roses) with tea-steeped water seems to make them happy! Tea leaves are packed with nutrients.
  3. Sprinkle tea leaves into the litter box. Yup. You can cut open your used and cooled tea bag and sprinkle the leaves into the litter box. The odour- absorbing properties of tea will keep things smelling fresher a little while longer.
Tea Bag

Reuse Your Tea Bags from Pretty Frugal Living



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    Etsegenet Shewaferaw

    What a great idea, I will be able to use my used tea bags for litter box. Keep up the good work.

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