DIY Ice Cream Crackle

VIDEO: We all scream for ice cream! Especially when you can make your own chocolate crackle topping for a fraction of the cost of store bought! This is a super fun recipe that will wow kids and adults alike.


1 Tbsp coconut oil

1/3 cup chocolate chips

Glass bowl


You know the chocolate dipped cones you can buy at ice cream stands? Well, this recipe tastes just as delicious and will seem even sweeter because it’s homemade!

Try sprinkling crushed salty peanuts after pouring the chocolate on your ice cream. You can change up the flavour by adding caramel chips with/instead of chocolate chips!

This recipe will make enough for at least four servings of ice cream.  If you have leftover sauce just pour it into a glass jar and store in your fridge. When you want to use the crackle again, melt the sauce in the microwave, give it a stir, and pour it on top of your ice cream as usual.


Coconut oil + Chocolate chips = Delicious!


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